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About Us

John began ProFusion Studio LLC in southern California in the late 1980’s. After educating himself in the art of glassblowing, he moved to Phoenix with his wife Ann. Once in Phoenix, his glass work expanded to include fused kiln art, mold design, stained glass and silver art clay design.

Being a visionary, John’s creative process simply exploded and normal jewelry work was run over by the desire to create something artists might use to enhance their work. Patterned designs began to take over with a vengeance! First it was patterned glass with about 23 designs. This number grew to over 75 within a few years. Then, fusible patterned decals. Then...Oops! Before they knew it, the business had expanded so much that they relocated to their present site in Glendale, Arizona.

Today, they have a real studio, dedicated to production and shipping. ProFusion Studio LLC is committed to becoming the premier name in custom glass for the artist and craftsman alike!

Profusion Studio LLC
5350 W Bell Rd
Suite C-122 #303
Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone/Fax 623-412-8822

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